John K. Hanson, Jr.


Good Intentions: For a while, I was content...
Relishing the Rides
Singing the Song of “Soon”
Honoring the Work
Songs of the Season
The Power of the Maine Myth
Living Life by the Sea
With the <em>Betsy</em>, a dream becomes a reality.
An early 2010 tour through one of Maine’s boatiest coastal towns.
Anticipating the Season
Pondering next year’s crop of new boats from the yards of the Maine boatbuilder.
Long winters and wet springs drive Maine innovation.
Seeking balance between technology and life in the present.
<em>Whistler</em>, a 54' twin-jet express cruiser built by Lyman-Morse
Tradition shapes innovation
Morris adds trailerable version to their line of M-Series yachts.
Building on the past helps give Maine its strong sense of place.
Building on the past helps give Maine its strong sense of place.
If you can’t have fun doing it, why bother?
A look at the era of long and lean boats.
On a gray early April day, John’s Bay Boat Shop launched its 59th boat.
Teaching our children the lifelong joys of a life spent with boats.
<strong>By John K. Hanson, Jr.</strong> - Even in winter, “cold feet” is not an acceptable state of mind.
Middle of the fleet. Back of the pack. Bringing up the rear. (At least I play well with others.)
Maine Marine Manufacturing, Hodgdon Yachts, and the University of Maine launch a new generation of naval craft.