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    Matinicus correspondent Eva Murray gives her take on the antics of a reality TV crew filming a program about lobstermen on Matinicus Island.

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    By Eva Murray - Resistor (Wherein we meet Doctor Bob and Lech Walesa, and don appropriate attire for physics class.)

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    By Eva Murray - Aland Island, Home Sweet Home? (How technology, Homeland Security, and new rules for truckers gave me a new identity...)

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    By Eva Murray - Freight is tackled by all civilians, swarming sometimes like ants, and not above loading one man's provisions into another man's rig.

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    By Eva Murray - Everybody, regardless of history, ethics, or severity of bait smell, is welcome aboard the 'Beam, and there is always something in the cookie jar.

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    By Eva Murray - Our Prom: Politics Made Us Do It (in which our heroine gets to wear her shiny purple prom dress)

Contributing Editor: Eva Murray

Eva MurrayEva Murray

Eva is one of the fewer than 100 year-round residents of the island of Matinicus, more formally known as “Matinicus Isle Plantation.” Originally a teacher by trade, Eva moved to the island to teach in the one-room schoolhouse and never really left. Her children are now in school off-island, leaving her more time to write for Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine and web site. She has served as the town clerk, the treasurer, and the assistant to the assessors. She is an EMT, and she runs the island’s solid waste and recycling programs (which she started). Eva operates a bakery on the island as well, and we hear that her donuts are amazing. Oh, and did we mention that she’s also a notary public?

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