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    Contributing Editor Peter Bass checks in with news from along the coast, including updates on lobster, scallop, and clam landings; ferry service between Maine and Canada; and great Maine festivals to add to your summer calendar.

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    Contributing Editor Peter Bass was last seen boarding a double-hulled amphibious UFO, with a healthy supply of seafood, Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, and a book about dockline etiquette to share with the intergalactic community at large.

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    Contributing Editor Peter Bass surveys recent news events along the coast. He writes about shrimp, elvers, fishing fashionistas, and rat-infested ghost ships with his usual humorous slant.

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    Wind wars, global warming, and waterfront access

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    Mutant Lobsters, Aliens, and Broken Buoys

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    Big Fish, Little Fish and - brace yourself, folks - Frankenfish!

Contributing Editor: Peter Bass

Peter Bass, sleeping on watch.

Peter Bass is a Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Contributing Editor who readily acknowledges that without Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors he would only be published in small metal stalls throughout America. While at Dartmouth College, he received two citations for outstanding work from the English Department while failing to get an A in either course, a Dartmouth record. One wonders what his grade was prior to those particular efforts.

A lifelong boat nut who has held serious jobs in the boatbuilding, footwear, and furniture industries, he dreams of writing full time, in spite of our recommendation that he keep his day job. Never one to take advice, he is now tucked away in his study producing reams of prose for passers-by. He and his lovely wife Gail split their time between a porch in Boothbay Harbor and another at Mile Zero of the Intracoastal Waterway.

His work appears regularly in Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, principally in his column View From the Porch, in which he expresses his views with stunning clarity on events around our state and beyond. He enjoys boating in all its forms and is pictured here, asleep on watch offshore in his former boat, a Bristol 41.1 named Skylark. In recent years Gail & Peter have been observed in a 1988 Dyer 29 named Etchemin.

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