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    A group of friends in Spruce Head combines forces once a summer to hold a week-long exhibition of their paintings and other artful creations. Peter H. Spectre hosts the group in his workshop.

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    Martha Ballard, a midwife who lived in the Hallowell area of Maine at the turn of the eighteenth century, kept a journal of her daily life for 27 years. Looking back at the entries is a wonderful way to learn about early gardening and food preparation. Food writer and Contributing Editor Sandy Oliver takes a look at what Martha was doing in June.

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    Waiting to Be Discovered

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    Nearing retirement, a physician decides to build his own mahogany runabout, learning in the process about problem-solving and the joys of boatbuilding.

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    Contributing Editor Art Paine reviews the new Hunt Harrier 25 Sport, comparing it with a C. Raymond Hunt design from 50 years earlier. Both boats feature a deep-V hull design that helps them power through rough water.

  • MBMH130TH_1.jpg

    Adventures in a Boston Whaler shaped an artist’s world vision

  • LFH130TH.jpg

    How we got a boat and finally met our neighbors

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    This issue we feature the work of Ann-e Blanchard, a freelance photographer from Scarborough, Maine, who shoots photos for the Portland Yacht Club and Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Association web site.

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    Blue Hill: the Town, the Bay, the Mountain

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    Contributing Editor Peter Bass was last seen boarding a double-hulled amphibious UFO, with a healthy supply of seafood, Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, and a book about dockline etiquette to share with the intergalactic community at large.

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    Letters to the Editor, Issue 130

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    Unabashed Boat Enthusiast

  • PubLetterTH.jpg

    A Letter from the Publisher – Issue 130

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    A spring meander in downeast Maine brings the reward of a smelt fish fry, camaraderie, and a bicycle trip through rural landscapes.

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    Given all the progress with hybrid cars, it’s not surprising to see hybrid powerboats showing up along the coast. Here is a great-looking, well-engineered example.

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    Harun’s Paradise
    A Turkish boating adventure in an International 12 Footer Dinghy

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    An environmentalist sees the rebuild of his shorefront home as an opportunity to align the house with his principles. The new house is small and extremely efficient.

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    The lovely gaff-rigged yacht Dyon has belonged to the same family in the same harbor for 90 years. She is a reminder of how tradition shapes the present along the Maine coast.

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    This issue we feature the work of Robert F. Bukaty who likes to focus on people who have a passion for adventure or a love of the outdoors. Bukaty is a staff photographer for the Associated Press based in Portland, Maine.

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    Blue Hill: the Town, the Bay, the Mountain

  • VFTPTH.jpg

    Contributing Editor Peter Bass surveys recent news events along the coast. He writes about shrimp, elvers, fishing fashionistas, and rat-infested ghost ships with his usual humorous slant.

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    Letters to the Editor, Issue 129

  • BYDTH.jpg

    Scupper and Perry: Sailor dogs

  • PubLetterTH.jpg

    A Letter from the Publisher – Issue 129

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