Boat Features

Boat Features
We like to say that we look at the coast of Maine from the deck of a boat. For more than 22 years, we've been covering Maine boats and boating, from sweet little peapods to custom power, lobster, and sailing yachts and everything in between. This section will satisfy your boat lust with photos and videos of gorgeous custom builds and funky one-designs, and also point you to fine cruising areas, report on regattas and events, and keep you in touch with the waters of the Gulf of Maine all year long.

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    Who hasn’t dreamed about a car that can go in the water? A German company made amphibious cars in the 1960s and exported them to the United States. Some are still on the road today. Bob Stover of Belfast, Maine, has owned and restored three of these plucky hybrids, which are at home both on land and in the water.

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    Sally Smith’s family has owned and loved their Hinckley Sou’wester, Priscilla, for 42 years. Only recently did Smith learn about a “bump” in Priscilla’s past.

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    When all you want is to sail for the pure enjoyment of sunshine, wind, and waves, you don't need high performance. Contributing Editor Art Paine writes that some of the best boats for this are derivatives of Nathanael Herreshoff’s "Fish Class." Two new designs, which embellish upon the excellence of a Herreshoff Fish, are the Cape Cod Marlin Heritage 23 and Doug Hylan’s Selkie.

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    Sturdy, comfortable and versatile, this design has stood the test of time

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    Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show Brings out the Best

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    Sunbeam V, a nondenominational, seaborne program of the Maine Sea Coast Mission, has been bringing fellowship and aid to people in need along the coast for more than a century. The mission was started by two brothers who sailed a small Friendship sloop to their island “parish.”

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