Boat Features

Boat Features
We like to say that we look at the coast of Maine from the deck of a boat. For more than 22 years, we've been covering Maine boats and boating, from sweet little peapods to custom power, lobster, and sailing yachts and everything in between. This section will satisfy your boat lust with photos and videos of gorgeous custom builds and funky one-designs, and also point you to fine cruising areas, report on regattas and events, and keep you in touch with the waters of the Gulf of Maine all year long.

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    Paul Molyneaux and his son build a skin-on-frame kayak as a home-schooling project and learn deeper lessons about the balance of power between man and nature.

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    The MJM 50z not only boasts a classic downeast look and smart design; it also takes offshore performance to a new level. Designer Doug Zurn’s modified deep-V hull provides a snappy helm response and a dry ride, even in steep seas.

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    Changing the way boats are used

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    The versatile Trans Cat 26 can handle many tasks ranging from towing to hauling heavy duty cargoes.

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    The Haley Moran, launched by Washburn & Doughty, is 6000 pounds of tugboat.

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    The new e33LM is a fast, wood-fiberglass hybrid daysailer. The first model proved itself right away last spring, winning its class in the Hyannis-Nantucket Figawi Race just a day after it was launched and rigged.

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Just Launched
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