Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - Issue 134

Letters to the Editor - Issue 129

A deep-V lesson
I enjoy your magazine Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, and consider myself fairly well read and traveled.
I think however, that a minor improvement would be helpful to your readers in future issues.


Letters to the Editor - Issue 128

The things cormorants do
Cormorants. Ah, yes (MBH&H, Winter 2014). They are a constant summer presence. There’s been one of them visiting in mid-September, past couple of years, that uses the bow of my 16' 1960s Whaler as a first-class fish-spotting platform, and first-class outhouse. Daily deposits.


Letters to the Editor - Issue 127

Missing Phil Bolger
Thanks to Peter Spectre for “The Last Laugh” (A Postcard in Time, Issue #125, July 2013) about Phil Bolger and Dynamite Payson launching a folding schooner. Phil was noted for weird-looking boats and many people were skeptical about his designs.


Letters to the Editor - Issue 126

Mapping the Coast
I enjoyed the article on geographical benchmarks very much, it was very interesting (“Discovering the Cornerstones of Maine’s Mapping History,” by Jane Crosen, July 2013).