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Boat Features

What’s New on the Waterfront? The 48-Volt Boat

Higher-voltage battery banks are a growing trend

What a SHOW they put on!

It takes dedicated teams from host communities to pull together three weeks of world-class racing on the Maine coast

Considering L. Francis Herreshoff

The words and boat designs created by the go-it-alone son of Nathanael Herreshoff have inspired countless sailors, including the seaward-looking crew in Brooklin.

Island Hopping in the TUB

A well-used 38-foot cabin cruiser introduced the youngsters at Robin Hood Camp in Brooksville to the cruising life amidst the islands of downeast Maine

Well-aged Rusticator Rum Makes a Splash

It took four decades, but a classic Hacker runabout is again afloat, thanks to a multi-talented and determined owner

Maine’s Inland Waters Buoy Brigade

A hard-working team of three watermen maintains aids to navigation in lakes statewide.

Mandated Recreational Skipper Training Arrives in Maine

A newly enacted state law requires a boating safety course to operate a powerboat with a 25-hp or larger engine.

Reed Hayden

Sign maker Reed Hayden brings his art to boat names and other nautical projects.

Take Charge: An electric boat for commercial use

A new electric workboat pilot program is intended to show the benefits of the technology for commercial use.

A Transformed Pontoon Boat

A saltwater pontoon boat transformed for lobster fishing.

Brion Rieff: 8-Meter Octavia

The revamp of an 8-Meter included a new keel design.

Davis Boatbuilding and Furniture: Acorn 17

A seasoned boat and furniture builder puts his own twist on a rowing boat designed for the Maine Island Trail.

Resurrecting the Joiner Shop 19

Salty Boats of Maine is bringing a powerboat back to life that was last built 25 years ago.

Lyman-Morse: Fabricating Form and Function from Aluminum

Lyman-Morse adds two new workhorses to its aluminum-boat lineup.

Wren: Restored Herreshoff 12½

A vintage Herreshoff sporting a “Free” sign was impossible to pass up.