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On The Town Dock

News and updates from around the state about life on the coast and boatbuilding.

New boats, new engines, turn off the water

Electric engines, lobster landings, yoga for fishermen

Wild ice, a Russian eagle, and changing of the guard

An expedition sailing vessel, skating on wild ice, and waiting for shrimp

New & old boats, awards, and magnetic forces

Waterfront news, IOD World Champ, a rare Bugatti boat

Joyful duck, whales, and lobsters

Science and research news, tide data, and a lifetime achievement award

Pond racing, whale tales, and floating picnic tables

Small boats, wind turbines, a whale encounter, industry news

Fish landings, sea art & new boats

News including lobster shell skin cream and lawn mowers on ice

Marina sale, plastic spill & goat rescue

Boat ownership, oversized clock hands, and more from Maine

Lots of Boat Action Despite Pandemic

Boat launchings, megayacht visitors, ocean activity

Boat builds & wind tunnels

Meet the 100 year old who is still hauling lobsters, and more news from the coast.

Boats, lobsters, and a message

A young boatbuilder, new construction projects, and an anniversary

A nor’easter & plastics made of fish

New owners for an old schooner, voice-controlled boats, and news, news, news

Historic yachts, whales, and awards

Historic yachts, whales and awards