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A tragic end for the hard-working sardine carrier Jacob Pike

January 2024 sinking of historic vessel

Mary King Longfellow paints Monhegan

The niece of famed American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an early if not the first female artist to paint this island off the Maine coast

Picture Perfect Summer Time Haven

A newly compiled photo collection at the Penobscot Marine Museum captures a turn-of-the-century retreat in Brooklin

Camp Wyonegonic, Denmark

A summer camp flotilla from the 1930s

Women, Sports, and the North Woods Camps

As the allure of the Great Outdoors grew in prominence in the late 1800s, Maine’s sport camps and guides sprang up to cater to the new notion of vacationing.

Youthful Adventures in Maine Antiquing

Ten cents here, a few dollars there, Maine’s State Historian began to amass his collections as a boy, one antique shop at a time.

Marm and Pa on a “Trailer”

The land portion of a 1973 boat launch

Memories of Freeport

Maine’s historian frames the evolution of Freeport from a factory town to a tourist mecca through his own family’s experiences.

Turn-of-the-Century Launching

Christening a four-masted schooner in 1918

Daniel Low: Eastport’s Ingenious Architect

During Maine’s first decade of statehood, many towns had their own architect-builders who combined building practices with a knowledge of published builders’ guides.

The Inheritance Class Cutter

Based on an early ship model, the Inheritance Class cutter was a classy daysailer

The Farwell Project

A former general store and grain mill are at the center of an effort to revitalize a small town

The Hinckley Company’s War Boat Production

While the Hinckley name today is synonymous with luxurious pleasure boats, back in the 1940s, the Maine boatbuilder produced a series of working boats for the war effort.

Joseph Ranco

Joseph Ranco: A Maine master canoe builder and early designer at Indian Old Town Canoe Co.

The Point

The story of a Rockland community and its days as a bustling neighborhood.