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Boat Features

Mattie & Ayva

A rugged workboat

MJM4: Versatile Cruiser

Four zones of fun

Williams 28 Bass Boat

Combining looks with solid design

Sabre 43 Salon Express

Modernization and innovation guide design

XO Boats

Boats from the Baltic Coast

Schooner Rebuilds

Historic vessels refit in Maine

Eggemoggin 47+

Sail handling with the push of a button

Hound: Refit included a larger rig

First in class after a refit

Grampus: Vintage Rebuild

A 1927 wooden launch leaves its homeport for a rebuild

Hinckley Introduces a Hybrid Poweryacht

Hybrid technology for the 40-foot Picnic Boat

Boatbuilder Profile: Rich Woodman

Boatbuilder Rich Woodman respects tradition but is not enslaved by it.

A Restored Nova Scotian Classic Sloop Sails to Maine

The search for a historic boat led the author to Nova Scotia, where he found a Bluenose 23, and the perfect person to restore it.

A Special Sloop Designed to Carry Heavy Granite

Carrying heavy Maine granite to far-off ports required a special type of sloop.

Bringing the Tidely-Idley to Life

A Maine man and his daughter create a replica of the Tidely-Idley, the boat made famous in Robert McCloskey’s book Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man.