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Paddleboard Jousting Competition - Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show

The Annual Maine Boat & Home Show is typically held the second weekend of August. Gates open at 10 a.m. daily
2012 Paddleboard Jousting

The 2012 SUP Tournament Maine’s first-ever Stand-up Paddleboard Jousting Tournament provided a hilarious spectacle in which competitors clad in outrageous costumes tried—and succeeded—to knock each other into the water. The event was a modern twist on yesteryear’s canoe jousting, which was done by campers across Maine from atop the gunwales of their canoes. Modern-day gladiators will take to their boards again on August 10, 2013 for a healthy dose of Kapow! Bonk! Splash! The Grand Champion
2012 Stand-Up Paddleboard Tournament
Lady Paddlebeard (a.k.a. Shannon Bryan) was the overall tournament winner. She only hit the water once and triumphed over the Queen of Kapow (MBH&H’s own Stacey Palmer) in the ladies’ final, then won a final “battle of the sexes” versus the Lord of the Board (Tom Chester). Lady Paddlebeard danced in celebration atop her board upon winning the tournament.
Maine BoatsShannon Bryan is content producer
for MaineToday Digital and feature
writer for Portland Press Herald.
The Grand Champion returned to her day job at the Portland Press Herald with a rococo jousting trophy, a Tahoe SUP paddle from Thorfinn Expeditions, and a subscription to Standup Journal magazine. Click here to see our 2012 Stand-Up Paddleboard Image Gallery.
Maine Boats2012 Stand-Up Paddleboard Contestants
Front row (L-R): The Staminator Stamina Stam-Bam, Lady Paddlebeard, Queen of Kapow. Back row (L-R): Aquaphobia, Duke of Dunkington, Lord of the Board, Surf Swami, Freelance A Lot’s Ex-Wife, Lady Jousting Janet the Justly Jubilant, and Lady Capsizeya.
SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, August 10, 2013 The second annual Stand-Up Paddleboard Jousting Tournament will take place at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show. For information on how to enter please contact Stacey Palmer at 207-594-8622 or This event is held in partnership with: