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A Letter from the Publisher - Issue 128

Issue 128

By John K. Hanson, Jr.

So Much to Admire

When you have been thoroughly humbled, it is still possible to make a fresh start. I know this to be true. As a very slow learner, I’ve experienced a number of epiphanies along these lines. A big one came in a boatshop. I was standing in the midst of the creative confusion of a team building a fine yacht: carpenters, electricians, riggers, mechanics. All were hustling and doing fine work—the best they could. I, however, was an awful boatbuilder. My speed was slow, and my best not nearly good enough. That’s when it came to me that boatbuilding was not my field. With this new perspective, I realized what I could do well: I could talk, I could write, and I could admire. Whenever I head down the coast and see the activity at Bath Iron Works, I marvel at the number of people pulling together to build new ships for our Navy. These men and women share the creative drive of all our Maine boatbuilders, which is why we chose to feature them on the cover of this special issue. Yet these boat, home, and harbor profiles are just the tip of the iceberg. For even more stories, look for our debut Maine Boats of the Year and USHarbor’s second annual Life on the Coast digital magazines. Both will be available in March. My New Year’s resolution is to get to more boat shops, job sites, studios, and launchings. If you’d like to join me on some of these jaunts, and hear other updates about life on the coast, send me a note at There’s plenty of room in the truck, just mind the dogs.

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