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Coastal community loses a good friend and champion

Thursday, July 11th 2019

Coastal community loses a good friend and champion

By John K. Hanson Jr. Our friend, Sam Manning, passed away on the night of July 9, 2019. He was 89. His love of wooden boats, hand tools, and the old ways of working helped launch the wooden boat revival. He shared these loves through his beautiful, accurate and dynamic drawings. His life and work inspired many of us, me front and center. Most days, winter, spring, summer or fall, you could find Sam and his wife Susan rowing their dory on Camden harbor, fair weather or foul. We, in the community of boats, and community of the coast were so very lucky to had had Sam with us for as long as we did.

We ran a lovely feature about Sam by Donnie Mullen in Maine Boats Homes & Harbors in 2008. You can read it here, and you will understand what an amazing gift Sam Manning was to the coastal community. He will be greatly missed.

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