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Just Launched - Herreshoff Pulling Boat

Stephen Florimbi, Boatbuilder

Herreshoff Pulling BoatPhotographs provided by Stephen Florimbi
Launch Details:
Herreshoff Pulling Boat
John Gardner modified Herreshoff design
Stephen Florimbi Boatbuilding
Stephen Florimbi

P.O. 551, Rockport, ME 04856

Phone: 207-542-3253
Launch Date:
Sept 29, 2007
Launch Site:
Kittery, Maine
Particulars: Stephen Florimbi of Rockport, Maine recently launched a John Gardner modified Herreshoff pulling boat. The boat is seventeen feet long, 44 inches wide and draws just a few inches. Made of Atlantic cedar on laminated Port Orford cedar frames with an okume plywood bottom, the boat weighs in at a mere 100 lbs. Directly after launching her, Florimbi put the boat to the test by rowing in the six mile Gerrish Island Race off Kittery. "There was a small craft advisory, five foot swells and breaking waves. The boat never took on a drop and I never felt even remotely at risk", says Florimbi. A traditional boatbuilder for nineteen years, Stephen Florimbi is opening his own small shop in Rockport where he plans to build more beautiful small craft.
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