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Just Launched: Williams 28 Bass Boat

Trumpa, Hull No. 1

Trumpa, hull no. 1 of the new Williams 28 Bass Boat launched at John Williams Boat Company, Hall Quarry, Maine.
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Launch Details:
Boat Name:
Boat Model:
Williams 28 Bass Boat
LOA 28', Beam 9' 6", Draft 2' 11"
Yanmar 260hp electronic engine
Built by:
John Williams Boat Company
Launch Site:
JW Boat Co. yard, Hall Quarry, Maine
Particulars: To celebrate the completion and launch of hull no. 1 of the new Williams 28 bass boat, Jock Williams himself arrived at the yard in style on his Harley Davidson. But even the shiny Harley could not compete for the attention drawn by the cherry red bass boat hanging in the Travelift. Three years after selling their Stanley 36, a couple from Marion, Massachusetts, decided they needed a new way to enjoy fishing and cruising around Buzzards Bay with their grandchildren. They had something smaller than the 36 in mind but they wanted to retain the inherent stability, sea-kindliness, and the good looks of their previous Williams boat. The natural choice was to move to the Williams 28. The family was attracted to the looks of the Mackenzie bass boat and the Fortier 26. These vessels embody classic good looks with excellent reputations, and the new Williams 28 Bass Boat combines some of the characteristics of these boats with the JW Boat Company hull design. Performance is ensured with a new generation Yanmar 260-hp electronic engine. The result is a fast, comfortable platform on which to chase stripers or enjoy a slow cruise with the grandkids.
Trumpa, Hull No. 1 of the new Williams 28 Bass Boat.
Photo by Alison Langley.
Construction started in February 2008. The hull is hand-laid, solid fiberglass, while the decks and platform are composite panel construction. The idea was to keep the boat light and simple with the engine and steering being the only mechanical systems aboard. A varnished teak windshield, side panels, and cockpit coaming are defining components of this boat and give it that signature Stanley Yacht look and feel. The name Trumpa comes from one of the owner's grandchildren, who nicknamed his grandfather "Trumpa" in lieu of Grandpa. Besides being fun to zip around in, the Williams 28 Bass Boat will be a head-turner in any harbor.
Image Gallery:
image gallery

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