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Boatyard Dog - Capt. Jack and Chica - Issue 105

Captain Jack and Chica

Captain Jack and ChicaCaptain Jack and Chica.
In our line of work we see a lot of boatyard dogs and a fair number of boatyard cats, but dogs and cats together? Not very often. They usually go their separate ways. Most of the time the dogs are right out there in the open, glad-handing the customers or chasing away the bill collectors, while the cats are somewhere in the background, sleeping on the back corner of a workbench or sliding around after loose rodents that don’t have the good sense to keep a low profile. If they are ever seen together, they’re close to if not actually doing battle. But here we have a boatyard dog, Captain Jack, cuddled up in the forepeak of the yacht Silent Night with a boatyard cat, Chica, and they’re doing absolutely nothing, and they’re doing it together. Kowabunga! The lion lies down with the lamb. The photograph was taken when Captain Jack, of Great Pyrenees stock, and Chica, apparently a product of random selection, were cruising the coast of Maine, hopping from one boatyard to another with their companions Ted and Kathi Wilcox of Leicester, North Carolina.

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