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The Maine I Love - Whitney McCarthy

Scenes from Frenchboro

Welcome Downeast

Mackerel and blueberries and rabbits foot clover

Opportunity Knocked

Aboard the largest Viking ship built in modern times


Designers at Stephens Waring in Belfast put their experience to work when it came time to revamp their own sailboat with a modern sail plan for more comfortable sailing with family and friends

Shipyard Purchase, Ferry Fares & Scallops

Infrastructure projects, historic preservation, and boating news

Dudley Alexander

Director of Barketing

A Farmers’ Fair

The annual Seed Swap & Scion Exchange in Unity is a chance to discover Maine’s past and plant for the future

David Conley

Views of the Allagash from a Registered Maine Guide

Welcome Downeast

Alewives, dandelions, and pollen

Storm Recovery, Sailing Feats, Waterfront News

A survey of maritime spring news

Big Bash in Belfast

300+ student sailors travel to the Atlantic Challenge 2024 event


A Great Lakes Boatyard Dog

The Maine I Love - Chrisso Rheault

Moments of light and reflection

Boat Projects, an Amazing Cat, Dredging

The working waterfront, new boats builds, and a cat tale

Welcome Downeast

The spring thaw, mud season, pussy willows