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Welcome Downeast

Fledgling crows, cherry tomatoes, and jellyfish

A Family-Run Company with Booming Sales and Service Work

He started with a marina, but Christopher DiMillo has expanded his company into yacht sales and service work with multiple locations along the East Coast.

The Sunrise Skiff

A little homemade skiff proves to be the perfect boat for harbor outings.

Letters to the Editor — Issue 171

Power on, adventures, Dolphin ancestry

Huckleberry and Stella!

Huckleberry and Stella!

Boats and history and the future

Boats and history and the future

The Maine I Love - Donnie Mullen

Inland canoe trips and freshwater views

Welcome Downeast

A spring collection of shadbush, hummingbirds, mourning cloak butterflies, and pastures.

Journey’s End for a Remarkable Wild Goose

The circle of life comes to an end for a remarkable wild goose.

A Plucky Build-it-Yourself Design for Lake Sailing

The Goat Island Skiff is easy to build and fun to sail, and when the wind dies, it can be rowed as well.

Thrilling Sailing on a Flying Fifteen

A fast planing dinghy with a keel, the Flying Fifteen is a daysailing sports car.

Fish landings, sea art & new boats

News including lobster shell skin cream and lawn mowers on ice

Letters to the Editor — Issue 170

Readers share their observations


Gloria the St. Bernard