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Church of the Red Lobsterboat

A red lobsterboat moored near his home became a beacon of sorts for author Peter Behrens.

Wild ice, a Russian eagle, and changing of the guard

An expedition sailing vessel, skating on wild ice, and waiting for shrimp

Letters to the Editor 175

Hinckley 41s, knots, and a steamship search

Kiva + Nana

Sail loft canines Kiva & Nana

To Do’s and Distractions

Sandpaper and the to-do list

Finding joy on the water

West Coast inspiration

Letters to the Editor — Issue 174

Castine Class, nautical books, and a rescue

New & old boats, awards, and magnetic forces

Waterfront news, IOD World Champ, a rare Bugatti boat

I’ll Never Forget What’s-His-Name

Observations of the natural world, daily life, theology and literary quotes

SW Boatworks: A Gambler’s Tale

Builder’s stable features two different Beals Island model lines

Pilgrim provides passage to good times

A 1988 center-console fishing boat provides respite and escape from day-to-day stress

Crossing the Line

Crossing the line marks a moment of no return, like leaving childhood

Ebbe and Sophie

Boatyard Dogs Ebbe & Sofie

The Maine I Love — Jonathan Laurence

Photographs from aboard fishing vessels

Joyful duck, whales, and lobsters

Science and research news, tide data, and a lifetime achievement award