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The Maine I Love - Jim Dugan

Photograph by Jim Dugan

Jim Dugan is a photographer in Rockland who explores the Maine Coast any way he can, by kayak, sailboat, or quadcopter drone. He started photography in the film days and is mostly rooted in the traditional, while keeping abreast of the latest in digital technology. His “Maine Kaleidoscopes” series is a prime example. He takes recognizable Maine scenes, then through computer “copy-and-paste” creates something new and exciting. These are printed on metal disks 30 inches in diameter. “Race Start” shows the Mary Day, Angelique, and Mercantile at the start of the 2012 Great Schooner Race in Rockland Harbor. Jim teaches photography for a week every summer aboard the schooner Mary Day. Dugan’s work will be on display at the Archipelago Fine Arts Gallery at 386 Main Street in Rockland in November, 2014. For more of Dugan’s work, visit
The Maine I Love - Jim Dugan

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