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Rufus and Sierra- Issue 133

Rufus and Sierra

A Letter from the Publisher - Issue 133

A Letter from the Publisher – Issue 133

Issue 133 Table of Contents

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 133, February/March 2015

The Maine I Love - Jim Dugan

Jim Dugan is a photographer in Rockland who explores the Maine Coast while keeping abreast of the latest in digital technology. His “Maine Kaleidoscopes” series takes recognizable Maine scenes, then through computer “copy-and-paste” creates something new and exciting.

The Marlin Heritage 23 and the Selkie

When all you want is to sail for the pure enjoyment of sunshine, wind, and waves, you don't need high performance. Contributing Editor Art Paine writes that some of the best boats for this are derivatives of Nathanael Herreshoff’s "Fish Class." Two new designs, which embellish upon the excellence of a Herreshoff Fish, are the Cape Cod Marlin Heritage 23 and Doug Hylan’s Selkie.

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 132

Rob McCall, former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Blue Hill ruminates on the seasons, wildlife, and the nature of being in this regular column. This issue he contemplates the holidays, gratitude, the winter season, and the perils of a flat roof.

View from the Porch - Issue 132

Contributing Editor Peter Bass checks in with news from along the coast, including updates on lobster, scallop, and clam landings; ferry service between Maine and Canada; and great Maine festivals to add to your summer calendar.

Letters to the Editor - Issue 132

Letters to the Editor, Issue 132

Gatsby: Boatyard Dog Champ - Issue 132

Gatsby: The New World Champion

A Letter from the Publisher - Issue 132

A Letter from the Publisher – Issue 132

Issue 132 Table of Contents

Maine Boats Homes and Harbors magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 132, Winter Issue 2015

Billy Black's Dogs

Going to the dogs: See more of Billy Black's wonderful photos of dogs on boats and at the helm. Who can resist?

Rays of Hope

Sunbeam V, a nondenominational, seaborne program of the Maine Sea Coast Mission, has been bringing fellowship and aid to people in need along the coast for more than a century. The mission was started by two brothers who sailed a small Friendship sloop to their island “parish.”

Ted Fontaine's Friendship Series

Out of a handful of sailboats currently under construction along the Maine coast, two of the prettiest may be a pair of yachts at Rockport Marine designed by Ted Fontaine in his Friendship series. Cari Ali, which was launched last fall but came back to the yard for the winter, is a Friendship 36. The new boat, nearing completion, is a Friendship 50, the largest in the Friendship series so far.

The Maine I Love - Michael Heiko

Michael Heiko moved to South Portland eight years ago from Brooklyn, New York. His photos have appeared in national publications including the New York Times, Outside, and Men’s Journal.