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Schooner Polly - Owners

Polly's Owners, by the number of shares per owner out of 32 total shares Captain George Flowers Ryan, 15; Belfast Fuel & Hay Co., 8; A. A. Howes, 4; Robert Burgess, 2; Swan & Sibley Co., 2; N. S. Lord, 1; all of Belfast. These purchased her 18 February, 1908, of H. B. and L. H. Webber, owning 3 of 4 shares and Flora E. Hahn, owning 1 of 4, all of Rockland, Maine. Other Owners of Polly Down the Years In 1826,William, John, and Robert Hooper, and William Reed, all of Marblehead, Mass. In 1838, Ephraim Brown, Marblehead, Mass. In 1842, Ephraim Brown, Ezekiel Scovil, both of Marblehead, Mass. In 1844, John Davis, Boston, Mass. In 1850, Jonathan Tinker, Seville, Me. In 1861, Nahum Berry, Trenton, Me.; Davison Smith, Sedgewick, Me.; Sally and Phoebe Tinker, New Sharon, Me. In 1865, Rebecca P. Pray, Mount Desert, Me., Phoebe M. Tinker.New Sharon, Me. In 1874, Chandler Fair, Lewis Henry, both of Thomaston, Me. From 1874, until about 1893, Capt. Lewis Arey, who changed the original under-deck cabin to the present trunk cabin of the conventional coaster type in 1885. He states that her old floor timbers were still in her, then, and were sound and very hard. In 1889, Capt. L. A. Snow of Rockland nearly lost her and his life as well by running ashore at Kittery. Captain J. H. Weldon, of Dighton, Mass., owned her 1910-13, and sold her in 1913, to Mr. Alfred Johnson, of Belfast and Boston. Return to the Schooner Polly article >> View the next article; Polly, described in the Republican Journal, 1904 >> View the next article; Why Polly Lasted as Long as She Did >>

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