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If you want to find boatbuilder Dan Miller of Belmont Boatworks, look for his constant companion, Gloria, a 5-year-old St. Bernard, because wherever Miller goes, she follows. Whether it’s a long-distance boat part delivery from Maine to Maryland and back, a boat-launching, working in the shop (Miller currently is building a hull for a Levant 15 in partnership with French and Webb), sailing in a tiny Dyer Dow, or walking between sheds at the yard, Gloria trots alongside, or snuggles in to nap as close to Miller’s feet as she can maneuver her big furry body. It’s no wonder she likes working in a boatyard; Gloria has salt water and boats in her blood—she came from a litter of puppies belonging to a lobsterman in Rockland.

“She’s at my hip all the time,” said Miller. “She never complains. She’s incredibly well-behaved and with the exception of the slobber, she’s an easy keeper.”  

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