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Haleth and Elenna

By The Editors

It’s winter, and the water is too cold for swimming. But that’s no problem for these two dogs; they really like winter sports, such as sledding. In fact, siblings Haleth and Elenna, two 15-year-old Siberian huskies, retired from pulling a sled a few years ago. But they both still enjoy skijoring in the winter—pulling one of their people through the snow on skis. In the summer, they enjoy boating on both fresh and salt water in an 18' Eastern center console with their people, Peter Smart and Judith Reardon. While at home in New Hampshire they spend time on Lake Winnipesaukee, but they prefer the more adventurous opportunities on the Maine coast, most often undertaken out of Northeast Harbor. Elenna is an avid swimmer, while Haleth maintains the prevailing Siberian attitude toward the water: that getting wet is to be avoided at all costs. Of course, every excursion must include a good dog walk, preferably on one of the many islands around Mount Desert Island. 

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