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A Portrait of the Damariscotta

Al Trescot

These photographs appeared in the book Twelve Miles from the Rest of the World: A Portrait of the Damariscotta River, by Barnaby Porter with photography by Al Trescot, which we excerpted in the April/May issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine. The book is a portrait of a Maine tidal river as observed, experienced, and “sketched” by the authors over the course of more than 35 years. “It is a very intimate view from the bottom up, revealing underwater vignettes, life along the shore, and the surrounding landscape as a continuum. The Damariscotta River is a drowned river valley of great age. While the book celebrates the river of today as a self-contained world of rich diversity, it also tries to put the short history of our tenure here into perspective and encourages the reader to imagine how the river has evolved over the centuries.” Photographer Albert Trescot is a former Coast Guardsman, and was a designer and builder of houses and fine cabinetry, specializing in high-quality kitchens. He has now transferred his skills and penchant for aesthetics and detail to his graphic design business, Rocky Hill Design, and photography has become one of his most important professional tools. Al lives with his wife, Mary, in Damariscotta, Maine.

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