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Grow Your Own (Plants)

The benefits of starting your own plants from seed are as myriad as the varieties available.

Spring Cleaning Time - March

Starting your garden off on the right foot is crucial here, where the season is relatively short.

Garden Clubs and Societies

Are plants your passion? Join the club.

Timber Framer's Art - Todd Caverly Portfolio

A timber-frame barn in Cushing, Maine, combines art, history, tradition, and architectural heritage. This gallery is an extension from an article that appeared in our May 2008 issue.

Mainely Gourmet - Vignola, Portland

Mainely Gourmet - Vignola, a Portland, Maine restaurant where one can also get a savory meal in a casual setting with an extensive wine collection served by knowledgeable servers.

Orchids through the winter and beyond

Delivering a bit of the tropics wherever they are grown.

Getting the Most Out of Cut Flowers

A little floral know-how leads to long-lasting arrangements.

Mainely Gourmet - Wildflour Bakery by Letitia Baldwin

Mainely Gourmet - Linger over finely brewed, dark-roast coffee and cinnamon donut muffins and other treats at the Wildflour Bakery.

Early Maine Apples

Heirloom apple varieties are an edible journal of our rural past.

Garden, Garlic - Lynette Walther

This plant is not only good, it’s good for you.

Homes - Pentagonal House

The geometric structure best suited to provide the most living space on a tiny lot is a pentagon.

Common Ground Country Fair

Common Ground Fair - This quintessential end-of-summer celebration is a ritual for many Mainers.

Yurt - William Coperthwaite

William Coperthwaite may have the answer to the mortgage market troubles—build a yurt.

Garden, Weeds - Lynette Walther

Hand-weeding has its rewards, but there are other ways to foil the undesirables in your garden.