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Cottrell Boatbuilding: Two Moths

Cottrell Boatbuilding of Searsport, Maine, built a pair of custom classic Moths for a customer who had raced Moths when he was young. His charge to the Cottrells: “Design and build me two identical Moths within the classic Moth rules.”

A Letter From Home

Teresa L. Carey, who spent two years sailing alone on a boat and writes a blog called “Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” shares her thoughts about why the water makes us happy and why we should spend more time in boats.

Small Adventures: Campobello Island

Small Adventures: Campobello Island Writer Lee Wilbur takes us across the border.

On the Land and on the Lake: the amphicar

Who hasn’t dreamed about a car that can go in the water? A German company made amphibious cars in the 1960s and exported them to the United States. Some are still on the road today. Bob Stover of Belfast, Maine, has owned and restored three of these plucky hybrids, which are at home both on land and in the water.

A Letter From Home - A Letter From Away

Novelist Alice Greenway sailed a leg in the first-ever Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta last spring. Along with Greenway, the crew of the 170-foot Kaliakra included twenty-five Bulgarian maritime high school students, two teachers, and a dozen seamen.

Southwest Harbor

Far from Bar Harbor’s summer bustle, Southwest Harbor is known as Mt. Desert Island’s quiet side.

A guide to golfing by the water in Maine

Want to go golfing? Here’s a sampling of coastal Maine golf courses.

Meet the Makers

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show Brings out the Best

Island Golfing

The Island Country Golf Club on Deer Isle is one of those rare institutions that bring together people of all sorts. Affordable and accessible, it’s the kind of place where golfers of all ages and abilities can enjoy the ancient game. A recent expansion and renovation has made the course even more of a joy to play.

Letter From Matinicus

Matinicus correspondent Eva Murray gives her take on the antics of a reality TV crew filming a program about lobstermen on Matinicus Island.

Biddeford Pool

Writer Mimi Steadman visits Biddeford Pool, a community of shingle-style cottages in Saco Bay. Named Winter Harbor by the Europeans who settled there in the 1600s, it should have been called Summer Harbor, because summer is when the town buzzes with activity.

A Letter From Home

Rob McCall reflects on the power of time spent in the natural world to provide insight and put all right with the world again.

A Ticket to Ride, the Boston Whaler

Why does every teenager want a Boston Whaler? Freedom, adventure, and fun play a big part.

Thoreau in the Maine Woods

Although Henry David Thoreau published his book about the Maine woods 150 years ago, his vision and words still resonate today. Thoreau’s experience of the Maine woods was a confrontation with himself, with humans’ place on the planet, and with the meaning of civilization.


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