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Water Ways: How To Get A Headache

By Melissa Waterman - What do whales and dolphins do with all that brain matter?

Water Ways: Peace and Quiet

By Melissa Waterman - Spring is a good time of year for quiet.

Water Ways: Just Say No

By Melissa Waterman - Nonpoint source pollution's impact on our waterways

Downeast Salmon Federation Smelt Fry

By Karen O. Zimmermann This smelt fry is a fund-raiser for the Downeast Salmon Federation and a crispy, savory rite of spring.

Water Ways: The Nature of Numbers

By Melissa Waterman - The world is a mathematical construct, but don’t panic! Our author explains.

Gunkholing with Gizmo: Fort Point, Stockton Springs

Gunkholing with Gizmo: Fort Point, Stockton Springs

Mainely Gourmet - Castine: The Pentagoet Inn

Mainely Gourmet: The Pentagoet Inn: Bouillabaisse Redux

Sea Chanteys and Jigs

Songs of the sea designed to take you back to the days of the square rigger and the boatswain.

Jim Brown, 1917-2008: One Lucky Man

North Haven Boatbuilder Jim Brown, 1917-2008: Weather delayed the ferry, so he was laid out the old-fashioned way, in the boat shop, in a coffin built by his son and grandson.

Water Ways: Love is a Many Splendored Thing

By Melissa Waterman - What do Greek myths, brigantines, and shrimp reproduction have in common?

Water Ways: An Answer to Global Warming?

By Melissa Waterman - Could the tiny, gluttonous, carbon-dioxide-eating diatom really save the planet?

Artist Feature: John Bisbee, Sculptor

Sculptor, teacher, animal whisperer.

Gunkholing with Gizmo: Eastport

Gunkholing with Gizmo: Eastport

The Fixers - Fred Murphy, Waterville's Cobbler

By Greg Rossel One man’s hands-on approach promotes quality over quantity.