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Issue 184 Table of Contents

September/October 2023

A Great Poet and His Beloved Boat
The poet Richard Ghormley Eberhart and his classic powerboat Reve.

Joseph Ranco
Joseph Ranco: A Maine master canoe builder and early designer at Indian Old Town Canoe Co.

Books to Entertain
Books to entertain

The Hinckley Company’s War Boat Production
While the Hinckley name today is synonymous with luxurious pleasure boats, back in the 1940s, the Maine boatbuilder produced a series of working boats for the war effort.

Big Storm Coming: Head for the Marsh
When Maine’s hurricane hole anchorages fill up, a salt marsh can provide respite from the storm.

Lifelong Lessons of Time and Tide
An ode to 80-plus years of boating.

An Ode to a Beals Island Boat and Her Builder
Little Darlin’ is the last wooden lobsterboat built by the late Clinton L. “Buddy” Beals.

Joshua and Susan Adam Share a Passion for Place
Artist couple Susan and Joshua Adam bring different perspectives to the Maine landscape.

A Total Refit Makes a 36-year-old B-40 New Again
Refitting a classic Hinckley Bermuda 40 for entertaining and day sailing.

The Sad Tale of Maine’s Extinct Sea Mink
A species known as the sea mink went extinct in Maine only 150 years ago. Researchers hope to understand how, and if it was related to the mink of today.

North Haven: Beguiling Isle
A beloved island in Penobscot Bay

Small and Efficient Dwellings
Builders hope small prefab homes can add much-needed housing.

Boat launches, sharks, and working waterfronts
A new round of coastal updates

Chase, Leavitt & Co.
Chase, Leavitt & Co. has been taking care of mariners for 169 years.

The Fine Art of Moose Calling
Calling moose is thrilling, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Welcome Downeast
Asters, cooler nights, and pumpkins

Pier patrol at Howard Boats

In a FOG!
Cue the soggy weather

The Maine I Love: Sam Murfitt
Views of the Maine Lobster Boat Races and working waterfronts


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Bonus Content For This Issue

Bonus Content: 

A Total Refit Makes a 36-year-old B-40 New Again
This is a story about refitting a 36-year-old classic Bermuda 40, using current technology to bring it up to date.

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 184
Issue 184 | September/October 2023
Volume 36 | Number 5
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Sam Murfitt has been photographing the action at Maine's Lobster Boat Races for 19 years. He took this shot this summer at Stonington races on one of July's many foggy days.